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Many of you have seen me and my work at art shows around the country. I love talking with people about our feathered friends. If you ever see me at one of these shows, please stop in and chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Use & How to ...
Q. Will birds really come to these?
Yes, birds really do eat from my stained glass and copper bird feeders. Also, all of my new designs are field tested before I sell them to make sure they are "bird friendly".
Q. But doesn't the stained glass and copper scare the birds?
I was also worried about that happening when I created my first bird feeder in 1991. But immediately after I put it outside, a chickadee came to eat from it, then a goldfinch and the fun began.
Q. What birds can eat on the plastic perches?
Chickadees, goldfinches, purple finches, nuthatches, the small downy woodpecker, and other small seed eating birds in your area will eat from the perch.
Q. What birds can not get on the perch and eat?
Grackles, crows, pigeons, and other large nuisance birds are too big to perch and eat from my bird feeders.
Q. I love the yellow goldfinches. Can I use thistle in your bird feeders?
Yes, I find that mixing thistle with shelled sunflower hearts attracts goldfinches and lots of other fun birds also.
Q. How Do I fill these stained glass and copper bird feeders?
All of my bird feeders have a fill hole in the glass near the top on one side. You can fill the entire feeder up with seed.
Q. What seed can I use?
Any bird seed will work except large peanuts in the shell. However, I don't use cracked corn, millet or cheap mixes as they clump up, attract nuisance birds, and get thrown on the ground as birds hunt for better treats in the mix.
Q. How can I keep seed from sprouting in my garden or collecting on my deck?
Use a no sprout seed or sunflower out of the shell. I use Preen in my garden to keep weed seeds from sprouting and it works on fallen birdseed too.

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Q. Can I leave these out all winter?
Yes, in Minnesota I leave them out all year round. They are "winter proof".
Q. Will the beautiful copper change color?
Slowly over time the copper patinas to a rich blue-green verdigris which I love. However, the copper can be polished back to its original shiny state. I recommend using a green 3M Scotch-Brite scouring pad.
Q. Will the stained glass change color?
No, the color of the stained glass is permanent.

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Ordering & Gift Giving
Q. Will you mail your stained glass bird feeder to someone as a gift from me?
Yes, of course. I do this all the time. If you want I will even enclose a card with happy birthday, anniversary, housewarming, etc. from you. Please indicate this in the "Comments to Julie" section on the PayPal ordering page.

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Bird Safety
Q. Are these really safe for the birds?
Yes, they are safe for the birds. Lead free solder is used. The feeders all have drainage to keep the seed dry. The copper and stained glass do not absorb water and get slimy like wood does.
Q. I know birds need a clean feeder. How can I clean these?
All of my stained glass and copper bird feeders can be washed with warm soapy water and rinsed with clear water to clean them. I do this in my laundry tub.
Q. I would love to hang this on a bracket out side my window so I can really enjoy it, but won't birds hit the window?
No, I actually find that it discourages them from flying into the window. I have even designed the "J-Bracket" to work specifically with my hanging-style bird feeders. Click here for more information about my J-Bracket.
Q. Are any of these for hummingbirds?
Unfortunately, no. Many people have asked me about a feeder for the humming birds. All my feeders use seed and humming bird feeders dispense sugar water. The sugar water would not work well with the copper and stained glass that I use in my feeders, and I refuse to make a bird feeder that doesn't function well. However, If I ever do create a design that works for humming birds, you'll see it here!

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